Combat Mecha Xabungle is a 1982 50-episode Mecha Anime by Studio Sunrise during their tenor under the name Nippon Sunrise. Xabungle was the first mecha show that Sunrise worked on after the first Mobile Suit Gundam anime just two years before and was directed by the creator of the monolithic Gundam franchise Yoshiyuki Tomino.

In August 2017, 25 years after it first aired, Xabungle was finally licensed outside of Japan for the first time by the streaming service HiDive who have sense proceeded to release a new episode every Tuesday under the title Blue Gale Xabungle.

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Xabungle Episode Guide
Episode Number Original Title HiDive Title HiDive Episode Logline Japanese Release Date HiDive Simulcast Release Date
1 "I Live my Risking My Life" "No Time to Take it Easy" Jiron Amos is found in the desert by the Sand Rats amidst a battle between them and a Machine Walker. He ends up joining them as they head to the Bazaar. Febuary 6, 1982 Auguest 15, 2017
2 "We got a Xabungle" "We Got the Xabungle"

Jiron is settling into life with the Sand Rats. Meanwhile, the Sand Rats plot to steal the Xabungle.

Auguest 22, 2017
3 "Everyone's Got It Wrong!" "Everyone Got It Wrong!"

Jiron and the Sand Rats are on the run in their newly acquired Xabungle! Meanwhile, a reward is put on their heads for their capture.

Auguest 29, 2017
4 "Why Do You Break the Law?" "Why do you Flout the Rule"

The Sand Rats learn of Jiron's motives for stealing the Xabungle which involves him avenging the death of his parents.

September 4, 2017
5 "Three's a Crowd" "The Three Belligrents"

Jiron and the Sand Rats prepare for battle and look to head towards Grocky. Are they able to make it through the fight with the Xabungle?

September 11, 2017
6 "What Are You Up to, Jiron?" "Just What Are You To Jiron?" September 19, 2017
7 "Those Who Believe Are Saved" "Those who Trust Find Peace" September 26, 2017
8 "Miss Never Misses" "The Miss who Doesn't Miss" November 3, 2017
9 "In the Field Blooms A Flower Named Maria" "In the Wild Blooms a Flower Called Maria" October 10, 2017
10 "Brave Women Are Frightening" "Brave Women Are Scary" October 17, 2017
11 "Chase Me! Chase Me!" "Chasing On and On" October 24, 2017
12 "The Many Mysteries of the Innocent" "The Mysterious Mysteries of the Innocent" October 31,
13 "A Great Destruction Leaves Nothing Behind" "The Havoc that Leaves Nothing Standing" November 7, 2017
14 "Timp's Futile Resistance" "Timp's Futile Struggle" November 14, 2017
15 "Covered in Mud and Desperate" "Covered in Mud and Desperation November 21, 2017
16 "Sorrowful Elegy" "A Sorrowful Dirge" November 28, 2017
17 "A Duel with Actors and Noh Theatre" "Preformers in a Do-or-Die Contest" December 5, 2017
18 "What's Wrong with Running Away from Home?" "What's Wrong with Running Away from Home?" December 12, 2017
19 "Take Flight, Condor!" "Condor, Take Flight" December 19, 2017
20 "Akon the Stud?" "Akon the Stud?" December 26, 2017
21 "Falling in Love, Being in Love" "Falling in Love, Being Loved Back"  January 2, 2018
22 "Rag, Broken in Pieces" "A Tattered Rag" January 9, 2018
23 "Rag, Come Back! To My Heart" "Rag, Come Home to our Open Arms" January 16, 2018
24 "A Fierce Death Machine! Crying Kara" "Mortal Combat, Fierce Fighting and a Crying Karas" January 23, 2018
25 "A Big Battle of Two Reckless Fighters" "A Mighty Battle Between two men risking their Lives" January 30, 2018
26 "Chaotic Battle with the Innocent" "Innocent Battle Royal" Febuary 6, 2018
27 "Sing the Song of the Warrior!" "Sing! The Song of a Warrior" Febuary 13, 2018
28 "The Innocent's Weakness" "A Weakness of the Innocent in Found" Febuary 20, 2018
29 "Even the Innocent Can Get Desperate" "Even the Innocent Become Desperate" Febuary 27, 2018
30 "If They Get the Head, We're Done For" "Its all Over if you Get Mad" March 6, 2018
31 "Manipulating a Woman's Heart" "If you Toy with a Women's Heart" March 13, 2018
32 "My Convenience Is Your Convenience" "My Convenience is yours as well March 20, 2018
33 "Never Ending Troubles" "Unending Trouble" March 27, 2018
34 "Fatman's Feelings Fly Far" "Fat-Man's Far-Off Feelings" April 3, 2018
35 "Military Unit Discovered!" "An Army is Found" April 10, 2018
36 "Special Sneaking Mission!" "Grand Infiltration Operation" April 17, 2018
37 "A Kaleidoscope of Women" "The Varied Kaleidoscope of Women" April 24, 2018
38 "Dance, Elchi" "Dance, Elchi" May 1, 2018
39 "Going Solo Is No Go" "One Man Plays are No Good" May 8, 2018
40 "Katakam, Ragged into Bits" "Katakam gets Desperate" May 15, 2018
41 "End of Katakam" "Katakam is Finished" May 22, 2018
42 "Greta Howls" "Greta Roars" May 29, 2018
43 "Desperately Seeking Yop" "The Grand Free-for-All Search for Yop" June 5, 2018
44 "Take Care, Sir Arthur" "Take Care of Yourself, Lord Arthur" June 12, 2018
45 "Stand up To Face the Sun" "Stand Facing the Sun" June 19, 2018
46 "Sir Arthur Does His Best" "Give it your All, Lord Arthur" June 26, 2018
47 "Awaken, Elchi" "Open Your Eyes, Elchi" July 3, 2018
48 "Once and Future Sir Arthur" "Lord Arthur Forever" July 10, 2018
49 "Showdown at X Point" "Decisive Battle! X Point" July 17, 2018
50 "Everybody Run!" "Everybody Run!" January 29, 1983 July 24, 2018

Story Arcs Edit

Story Arcs of Combat Mecha Xabungle
Name of Arc Episodes
The Kidnapping of Elchi Cargo 27
The Brainwashing of Elchi Cargo
Elchi Cargo vs Iron Gear
Breaking the Brainwashing of Elchi Cargo 47, 28
Resolution Arc 49, 50

HiDive Marketing Description Edit

In their first announcement to license the series HiDive's discription of their newly acquired property was as follows:

“On the planet Zora, there are two societies: the Innocent and the Civilians. Jiron Amos seeks revenge against the outlaw who killed his parents, but in a world where Civilian crimes are forgiven if they’re not brought to justice within three days, there’s little he can do. Taking his revenge into his own hands, Jiron steals the mecha Xabungle and teams up with a group of bandits, the Sandrats. As his quest continues, Jiron’s actions sow the seeds of rebellion against the Innocent.”

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