The Brainwashing of Elchi Cargo is a point of notable plot significance in the 1982-1983 Sunrise TV Anime Combat Mecha Xabungle, roughly taking place between episodes 27 (her capture) and the completion of her brainwashing (episode 33).

Preparations Edit

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The Innocent in their desire to test the current generation of the Civilians (amongst other reasons) kidnap Elchi Cargo.

The Brainwashing Process Edit

As demonstrated through the anime, upon being brought to an Innocent Dome Elchi Cargo was placed in a bath that radiated hypnotic Blue lights at the side. During this initial process Elchi suddenly jumps up before calming down and returning to the bath. It is also during this time that the Innocent Scientists conduct scans of her brain.

Once her bath is done she is given a silk dress to emphasize comfort and is taken on a tour of the Innocent Dome.